Summer’s Dream
This is not only a digital artwork that I finished, this is everything about
dreams. It was the summer of 2015 when my friend designed the 1st version of an F-type
(The previous name of the car) a mid-engine sports
car for An Italian Academy (Spd). His reference was
Audi R8 but he tried to put his imagination, innovation,
thoughts into it. In 2019 when our paths crossed, we decided to have a start-up that backs to the
wide-body design. After that, My friend changed the
design of the F-type for our goals. We made a clay
model of the car and our start-up named Bouzhan
innovation group and stood among the top six of
fresh Ideas in the first Sistan’o Baluchestan festival of
innovation industry in Iran. Bouzhan was born from
F-type and means Grew up. We’ll hope to touch it one
day in reality.